Top 10 Best Apps To Learn Python Programming

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran python programmer, using a programming app can definitely help you practise on the go wherever and whenever you’d like right at your fingertips.

In this article, we will give you the top 10 best apps that you can use to learn python programming both for android and IOS.

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1. Datacamp Programming App

Available on Andriod and IOS

Image credit: Datacamp

Datacamp tops our list, they have an extensive python programming course starting from beginner all the way to advanced. The great thing that they offer is the ability to use one account for both android and IOS, they also have a browser version as well. So you can easily swap and program on your computer.

Datacamp’s method of teaching is a series of using videos, project building and interactive IDE platforms.

With each tutorial point you finish, you also get EXP points!

2. Sololearn

Available on Andriod and IOS

Image credit: Sololearn

Sololearn is another popular app used for python coding, one of the innovative features they offer is the supportive community they have. So whenever you are stuck on a particular question you can find support within their community by lodging a question or reading the discussions.

3. Pydriod 3

Available on android only

Image credit: Pydriod3

Pydriod 3 is loaded with brand new packages, it is one of the more complex apps out there that lets you program pretty much exactly how you would on your computer. However, this may not be recommended for beginners that are just starting out. But its great for advanced coders who preferably likes to practise and test code on their phone.

4. Codecademy Go

Available on Andriod and IOS

Image credit: Codecademy Go

Codecademy Go is an app developed straight by Codeacademy which is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes.

With the Codeacademy Go app, you can supplement your python programming when you’re travelling on the go, and use the Codeacademy website to learn python on your computer at home.

5. Programming Hero: Coding Fun

Available on Andriod and IOS

Image credit: Programming hero

If you’re a gamer who learns by doing, then programming Hero could be just for you. Programming Hero is an interactive programming app that teaches you python coding by doing, you’ll learn through a series of videos, tutorials and projects.