Is Datacamp’s Python Courses Worth it? (An Honest Review)

Source: Datacamp

+ Interactive programmable Platform
+ Combination of video and text tutorials
+ EXP points for passing lessons
+ Certificate of completion
+ Over 100+ python programming lessons

– Requires monthly payments

Finding the right python programming course can be hard in a world of endless courses, especially if you’re a beginner. If you’ve been searching for a while now, you may have stumbled across datacamp and their python courses.

I can tell you for a fact that Datacamp’s interactive programmable platform, combined with specialised courses and skill tracks, is the main pinpoint that attracts most users.

However, if you’re stuck like most beginners and aren’t sure if datacamp is worth it, then you’ve come to the right place. Because in this article, we provide our honest review of Datacamp’s python programming courses and whether it is the right pick for you.

We will go through topics such as the price breakdown of popular online courses vs datacamp, their interactive programming platform, certificate of completion and many more.

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Is Datacamp’s python courses worth it?

Overall, from trying Datacamp’s python courses, we found that their interactive programming platform and courses, combined with the ability to learn on your mobile and receive a certificate of completion upon finishing, make their python programming courses extremely beneficial for beginner and intermediate students who are starting their journey into python programming.

However, it may not suit you if you’re an advanced python programmer.

Another point also noted is that Datacamp’s python courses are more tailored to individuals who conduct analytical work rather than using it for web or desktop application development.

Datacamp currently offers the first lessons of each course completely free and some other entirely free courses, such as their introductory python courses. They also have seasonal discounts, which is a big plus.

So if you’re someone that is getting started with python programming, looking to improve your python skills, looking for a place to practise the basics and don’t mind spending a few bucks on courses, then Datacamp’s python courses are perfect for you.

Is datacamp good for learning python?

Source: Datacamp

One of the best ways to learn programming is by doing. Datacamp offers interactive videos and a programmable platform. This means you can practise and solve questions using the newly learnt python programming modules.

As you can see on the image above, datacamp has a platform allowing you to test python functions and a small button “run code”, so whenever you finish a lesson and input the appropriate program, datacamp gives you XP points and allows you to “Continue” to the next lesson.

Another great thing that datacamp offers is projects at the end of each module to test your understanding.

Overall, if you’re the type that likes to get started learning python programming by testing the code yourself, then datacamp is the one for you.

How Much Does Datacamp’s Python Courses Cost? (Price breakdown and comparison)

Source: Datacamp Pricing

According to Datacamp’s pricing, they currently offer $6.17 USD a month for unlimited access for all the python and other programming courses they offer, only if you pay yearly (Yearly Price $74.04).

However, switching to a monthly payment only will cost you $15 USD a month (Yearly Price $180).

If you don’t like the price, that’s fine aswell. Datacamp currently offers the first lesson free in each courses, so you can definitely try them out without paying.

Also their entire “introduction to python” course is completely free. So, if you want to try the interactive programming courses and try get a feel of the program, we recommend signing up to the free course below.

Free Bonus: Click Here To Get A FREE Introduction To Python Course and learn the basics of Python 3, such as Lists, NumPy, Functions and Packages.

How often does datacamp have sales?

One of the best things about datacamp is they often have sales, datacamp doesn’t list when they have sales, however according to their page they often do, so you should expect special discounts possibly on dates where there are public holidays.

Also, if you’re a student, datacamp offers special discounts, as they have stated, “If you are a student who is actively enrolled at an eligible university, you can access a student rate for a yearly subscription”.

How would it take you to complete Datacamp’s Python Courses?

Each Datacamp’s python courses has their own hours and completion time, on average if you spent 1 hour a day. It will take you 1 month to complete an entire program. However it can also take you 1 week if you spent a few hours a day to complete a program.

Below, we have listed the programs and the hours it takes to complete each of them.

What python programming courses does Datacamp offer?

Datacamp offers a variety of courses, ranging from stock analysis to machine learning.

Below are a few python programs you can enrol in datacamp.

Which Course is best for Python Programming In Datacamp?

If you’re looking to get started with the basics and looking for some type of introductory structure, then we recommend “Python Programming” course that datacamp offers,

Datacamp Python Courses FAQ?

Are DataCamp courses worth it?

Datacamp courses are extremely beneficial for beginners and intermediates, they have a range of courses from finance to machine learning.

Are DataCamp courses for free?

No, datacamp courses require a monthly payment, however, they offer the first lessons free. Also, currently their “introduction to python” course is completely free.