Top 10 Free GitHub Repositories to learn python programming

GitHub is by far one of the most popular coding and collaboration tool used by developers across the globe.

Some of them, are willing to give their knowledge out for free. So, If you’re looking to learn python programming through GitHub repositories/projects that other python programmers have made, then you’ve come to the right place.

Because in this article, we will give you 10 GitHub repositories that you can learn python programming completely free.

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Why learn python programming through GitHub repositories?

GitHub repositories allows users to store their project files, it can contain folders and any type of files (HTML, CSS, JAVA, Python, Documents, Data, Images and many more).

This means you can also create dedicated tutorials using github. By using these dedicated tutorials it gives you a more hands learning compared to books. One of the most notable benefits is it allows you to do exercises and also run code. All of which is completely free and made by other users.

Another great thing is that you’ll learn from the masters, each github user’s tutorials can show you how code is written using their own specific style.