How To Check If Current Day Is Weekday Or Weekend In Python

To check if the current day is a weekday or weekend in python we need to import the datetime() package and use an if-else statement to classify the days.

Step 1: Import datetime package and date

import datetime
from datetime import date

The date time package supplies us with the tools to manipulate and grab the current day’s value.

Step 2: Grab the week number using datetime

weeknumber =

Next, we need to grab the current week’s number and assign it to a variable.

The DateTime package assigns the days of a week by assigning them with index numbers, where 0 is a Monday and 6 is a Sunday.

Step 3: Create an if-else statement to classify the day

if weeknumber < 5: # 0 Mon, 1 Tue, 2 Wed, 3 Thus, 4 Fri
    print("Today Is A Weekday)

else:  # 5 Sat, 6 Sun
    print("Today is A weekend)

Lastly, we will just use a simple if else statement, where the numbers less than 5 (Saturday) is a weekday and else statement where a value is greater than or equal to 5 is a weekend.