How To Learn SQL By Yourself At Home?

Structured Query Language (SQL) is by far one of the most widely used programming languages to access and manipulate data in databases.

SQL is extremely easy to learn and use compared to other more complex programming languages. This means that with the right amount of dedication and resources you will be programming with SQL in no time!

In this article, we have listed a few ways that you can improve or learn SQL programming language by yourself just at home.

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How can I learn SQL by Myself?

To learn SQL like with any task you need to dedicate some time in your day to completely focus on practising and learning the fundamentals.

You can find the fundamentals of SQL by purchasing books online, looking at university courses (Which list their syllabus) and many more.

But the important thing is, that you need some kind of structure to follow so you can learn SQL from basic to advanced.

In this article, we will show you some resources online that help you learn which makes it easier for you.

Learn by completing SQL Programming Courses Online

The best way to learn SQL is by completing interactive lessons, one way to do so is by joining an online course that specifically offers an online IDE (Online integrated development environment) such as datacamp.

An online IDE is basically a prebuilt system in place which allows you to follow step by step guide from the tutorial and lets you enter the code which the IDE will output if it is correct or not which is extremely interactive.

This means you don’t have to learn SQL all by yourself by reading a book at home (we think this is the best way to learn as you can learn by doing).

1. Datacamp

One place we recommend is learning it on’s SQL courses.

They teach you through the use of code and complete tutorials and video lessons as well. To get started you need to create a datacamp account. After completing the course you may get a handy certificate of completion.

Essentially you can practice coding on their platform with live feedback.

Here are some SQL courses you can complete on datacamp (Completely free to try):

Benefits of Datacamp’s SQL course:

  • Free lessons
  • Provides interactive online programming IDE platform
  • Video Tutorials
  • Structured course
  • Provide a certificate of completion at the end.

2. SQLzoo

SQLzoo is probably one of the older online IDE platforms out there for SQL learning (Established in 1999) however the resources are still relevant and most importantly it is completely FREE. The only issue is that it is completely text-based learning, so essentially you’ll be reading a specific line of text and try practising code using their IDE platform. They also don’t provide live feedback.

3. HackerRank

HackerRank is one of the popular competitive programming challenging websites out there. They have an interactive SQL quiz section for beginners to master which you can try to practise. But one of the issues is that they do not teach you how to use SQL compared to Datacamp.

3. SQLBolt

SQLBolt is probably one of the best free websites out there to learn SQL through interactive lessons. They have a series of quizzes and lessons which help guide you to learn SQL.

4. W3Schools

If you ever searched for help online you’ve probably come across W3School’s website. W3school is one of the most popular websites out there for programming tutorials. If you want to learn more about SQL they have a small section called “SQL Tutorial” which features interactive lessons and tutorials.

5. Mode

Mode is an online platform for data scientists they offer a SQL tutorial guide on their website which you can learn to “answer questions with data using SQL with no coding experience”. One of the great benefits is that they offer a breakdown from basic to advanced SQL.

SQL Youtube Tutorial Videos

Another option you can do is watch interactive youtube videos, some may prefer watching youtube as they may find it easier to listen to specific speakers and they may like certain teaching styles.

Below we have listed a few popular YouTubers who teach you SQL programming online for free.

However, it is mentioned that most YouTubers have basic or sample videos which is why we recommend trying out Datacamp’s courses instead as they offer video and a live platform to help you learn SQL.

6. WiseOwl Tutorials

WiseOwl youtube videos teaches everything there is relating to programming, one series that they offer is called the “SQL Server Queries” based on the feedback in the comments they receive pretty positive feedback, so you may want to check them out.

7. Kudvenkat

Another highly recommended youtube channel is Kudvenkat, their channel as a series called “SQL Server tutorial for beginners” where they have 150 video tutorial from beginner to advanced in SQL programming.