Is Python Crash Course Worth it? (An Honest Review)

Python Crash Course review

Python crash course is one of the highest recommended books for beginners to start programming in python.

If you’re like most beginners, you’re probably wondering if this book is worth investing your time and money into.

So to make your lives a bit easier, in this article, we provide an honest review of the entire book and determine whether it is worth the investment.

What is python Crash Course

Python crash course as the name suggests teaches you python programming basics in a short amount of time, so it gives you an introduction to python programming through a combination of text based learning and exercises/projects.

Is python crash course enough to learn python programming?

Although python crash course gives you the basics in the syntax involved with python programming, most people found it not enough to start programming. This is only because you’re given the basic introduction to python, meaning the knowledge of the syntax involved. So after you finished the book, you’ll need to then steadily build and practise the familiarity of the syntax and concepts involved with python.

However, the good news is that python crash course it does give you the foundations of python programming.

How long does it take to finish python crash course?

Python crash course has 546 pages in total. Based on my experience it took around 1 – 2 months to finish the book. However, this can be faster or slower for some people. To complete the book entirely, it solely depends on your background and experience, since python programming is a technical field.

Overall, is python crash course worth it?

Python crash course is a great and probably the best books out there to get started quickly and jump into the concepts and syntax involved with python programming, it gives you enough tutorials and information for you to understand python in general. This means the book is great for beginners.

However, for intermediate and even advanced programmers, they may want to look for more advanced programming books.